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Serotonin Bone Tanker (The Anthropomorphic Bone-Tube), 2011

Signs Best and Worst Qualities


Aquarius- Humanitarian/Unemotional

Pieces- Imaginative/Over Sensative

Aries- Optimistic/Short Tempered

Taurus- Loyal/Self Indulgent

Gemini- Energetic/ Two Faced

Cancer- Maternal/Over Emotional

Leo- Friendly/Impulsive

Virgo- Gifted/ Over Self Critical

Libra- Balanced/Indecisive

Scorpio- Passionate/Moody

Sagittarius- Independent/Unemotional


What about Ophiuchus?

Astrology is bollocks. 

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Stephen Fry on manic depression

The general idea with employment is to utilize your best assets/skills in order to extract the most amount of money you can, this becomes the compensation given to you in gratitude of your time. How much is your time worth? How do you even value it? Should you only ever seek to be paid for what you’re good at? Are you happy to be paid less than others with similar expertise? Do you even know what your best assets are? Is the ‘Will Hunting’ scenario ever valid? Is money the only thing you consider? And if money was not a factor, how would you be spending your time?


robin williams was bipolar. please stop calling it depression. bipolar disorder is ignored and misdiagnosed enough. please continue to talk about his life but stop saying it was simply depression he struggled with.

What is this? Who has the worse mental illness? “Simply depression” is a bad compound description considering that you seem to be coming from a position of awareness for bipolar disorder.
Are you angry that they aren’t calling it bipolar? Bipolar may be misdiagnosed and ignored (enough) but depression suffers from the same problem that the word “theory” does in the non-scientific community. 

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cyrus in putrefaction

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William Shakespeare Fingerfuck Club, 2013
this was my business card for a few weeks

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he went to fried eggs, water, 2013

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Gaddafi splatter, 2013

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Spitney, 2013

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